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Tecnova Soluciones Informáticas

Applications in pursuit of a digitized country

With 17 years of experience, 170 engineers and qualifications relevant to their field, Tecnova Soluciones Informáticas has positioned itself as one of the leading IT companies in the market for custom software development, using agile or traditional methodologies to successfully complete complex projects in diverse industries such as telecommunications, retail and government.  Their solutions have produced Servicio Control y Aseguramiento de Calidad (for software) and Staff Augmentation Service among others.

Due to the renown they have achieved, their applications are now being exported to the United States.  Additionally, the positive reviews gained for their solutions must be duly noted, allowing them to highlight without a doubt the advantages of doing business in Chile.

“Our country has a variety of factors which make it attractive in the field of investment.  Examples?  The time zone which allows for efficient coordination, cost advantages, technical level equivalent to target market, similar business culture (reliability) and a low employee rotation”, states Cristian Ferrer, CEO Tecnova Global Solutions.

Not only that, adds the executive.  “Being a highly digitalized country, with a digitalized State, the public services are more efficient and transparent, which promotes international commerce”, emphasizes the CEO of Tecnova Global Solutions.