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Ragaz Cine

Cinema and Chilean culture, an inseparable duo

Cinema production in Chile is on the rise.  As a result a number of companies have erupted onto the market.  One of those companies is the young producer Ragaz Cine, dedicated to documentary and cinematographic projects in Chile.

They develop audiovisual and photographic services and ideally search for markets interested in documentaries on Chile’s culinary, cultural and geographical heritage.
They have been so successful that they have participated in 57 film festival in 17 countries worldwide, where they have been able to put on display different aspects of Chile, unveiling its rich culture and geography.

“I have been lucky to have worked alongside foreign filmmakers recording in Chile and they have been attracted to the variety of landscapes on offer, and the impetus with which new filmmakers work, achieving professional material without the need for much equipment”, states Joaquín Baus, director at Ragaz Cine.