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Niebla Games

Young talent in the videogaming industry

Chile is far from lacking in young talent.  The company Niebla Games is proof of this, formed by young professionals devoted to developing original board games and video games which stand out thanks to their innovation, artistic quality and technique.  They have undertaken a number of trade missions, supported by ProChile and independently, among which the most notable include the Tokyo Game Show (2016), Game Developers Conference and Game Connection America (San Francisco, 2016 and 2017), Gamescom (Germany, 2016 and 2017), and a trade mission to Poland.

“As a project, Niebla games took form gradually, starting out as a hobby but becoming increasingly more professional in terms of design and development of board games and videogames”, explains Maureen Berho, gneral manager at Niebla Games.

Currently, the firm is in the midst of negotiating commercial agreements with international publishing companies, which would allow them to take the next step towards the distribution of videogames in numerous platforms and markets.
Maureen Berhois is so enthusiastic about the fruits of their labor that she does not hesitate to highlight the attributes found in Chile.  “What allows Chile to stand out as an exporter of services is the presence of human talent capable of generating high quality proposals at competitive prices”, claims the company’s representative.