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Hervíboro Films

Local audiovisual productions for global audiences

Global audiences are anxious to see and hear new stories, stories which surround us and which Herbívoro Films strive to capture with their lenses.
The Chilean producer is dedicated to developing audiovisual works from emerging authors, producing films which, thanks to both their narrative and their artistic construction, are highly attractive to their audiences.  They also carry out consulting and audiovisual production for cinema, television and advertising and develop digital strategies for the distribution stage in audiovisual works galleries.

They show their works at different festivals in Chile and worldwide, demonstrating the transformations experienced by Chile in recent years.  In fact, at Herbívoro Films they believe that Chile is growing in the eyes of the world, and not just in terms of economic figures, but rather on the big screen and in audiovisual productions.

“We believe that Chile has incredible artistic-filmic potential, reflected in a range of landscapes, localities, stories and cultural treasures which catch the attention of not only locals, but also an international audience”, states Pablo Cuadra, partner founder at Herbívoro Films.