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Grupo Misti Consulting

""We are innovation, experience and quality, the new way to generate change”

Building on the strengths of businesses

In a world in which every second counts and effectivity has become one of the top priorities when it comes to doing business, the Chilean consulting firm Grupo Misti Consulting makes these concepts a reality.

Since its creation, the company has focused its efforts on the development of diverse services related to business management such as: operational improvements, productivity management, process reengineering, head hunter and international trade, among others.

Thanks to the success they have achieved, the company has begun to export to Peru and has also developed projects in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Manuel Sanhueza, general manager at Grupo Misti Consulting, believes that in emerging economies such as those in Latin America, highly qualified professionals are required in order to lead high impact, complex projects.

Chile, in the executive’s opinion, sets the standard, as it is recognized as one of the best countries in the field at regional level whose services provide security, reliability and guarantee success.  “We are innovation, experience and quality, the new way to generate change,” sums up the professional.