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Chile boasts majestic landscapes and a beauty worth documenting.  Goodgate Productions are aware of this and take full advantage of their backdrop when making high quality audiovisual productions; which are always, of course, accompanied by great narratives.  The company settled in Chile 5 years ago, after running for 18 years in Spain.  Aside from their offices in Chile and Barcelona, they have also expanded to Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

This year they took part in the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival, as well as exporting their services to North America and Europe.  Cristobal Sotomayor, legal representative and partner at Goodgate Productions, believes that the company can be summed by the following proposition: Through its diverse landscapes they aim to showcase the country’s image in the most important worldwide markets, using its locations when filming commercials.  Whatsmore, they attest that: Chile has proved to be reliable, have competitive prices and a high level of expertise.