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ACE Team

Creators of one of the 100 best videogames of all time

The growing industry of videogame development in Chile has become an important productive focal point for services.  With almost 100% of the supply exportable to North America, and at least 40 companies dedicated to videogame development on a variety of platforms, Chile begins to emerge as an important partner for markets in the United States and Canada.

One of the Chilean companies that has monopolized attention worldwide in their field is ACE Team, an independent videogame developer for the major platforms (Playstation, Xbox and Steam) and creator of one of the 100 best videogames of all time, “Zeno Clash”, as stated by PC Gamer magazine in 2011.

Looking back on a 10 year trajectory in the industry and winning awards at major trade fairs in the field at an international level, the ACE Team feels proud of the recognition they have achieved.  “We are categorized as one of the studios which produces the most original videogames in the world”, states Carlos Bordeu, co-founder of the company.
They recently travelled on a ProChile trade mission to Gamescon, the most important European videogame trade fair which took place in Germany and Poland.  On this occasion, it was confirmed once again that millions of people worldwide play their videogames.  A source of great national pride.