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"“Through our developments and technologies, we can set the international standard in the industry”"

A Chilean invention which will revolutionize mining and the mining industry

This is a success story which deserves recognition.  Even international media showed interest in this innovation which promises to diminish production costs and generate a lower environmental impact in mining, a key industry for the national economy.

Barrier Ball is an invention which is already in use in a number of national mining companies thanks to the Chilean company, Exma.  The innovative system consists of a floating cover comprised of water-filled plastic spheres which saves up to 80% of evaporation and 50% of energy consumption in addition to protecting fauna by maintaining animals at a distance as they don’t detect the water pools.


Although the system already existed in other places worldwide, such as the United States, where it was used to avoid water loss during long droughts which have struck the state of California in recent years, the Chilean company Exma has taken the initiative to improve the prototype, reducing production costs.

Cristóbal Rodillo de Vicente, commercial manager at Exma, is of the opinion that the company’s objective is to create awareness surrounding the huge volume of water which is lost due to evaporation and what the mining industry is doing to resolve this problem, generating actions which focus on water care and efficient water usage.

“Our products are innovative solutions, reliable, of excellent quality and with tried and tested results which allow our clientele to generate important savings and/or improve efficiency.  This helps us to position national engineering and manufacturing at a worldwide level.  The objective is that, through our developments and technologies, we can set the international standard in the industry”, claims the executive.