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High Beat Music

Music, an ideal ingredient in videogames

The saying goes that Santiago is not Chile, and it’s true that not everything happens in the country’s capital city.  Begoña Carrasco is a young entrepreneur from Viña del Mar who founded High Beat Music productions, a company dedicated to the composition of music and sound effects for videogames and interactive media.

Recently they have earnt a place in the industry thanks to the vision which guides them:  each videogame and visual media is a work of art which should be appreciated in every aspect, including the accompanying music and sound effects, which result in an atmosphere full of experiences and sentiment.

They have introduced their creations whilst taking part in a number of fairs and congresses worldwide.  In November last year they took part in the MIGS conference in Montreal, Canada.  While this year in March they presented at the GDC conference in San Francisco, United States, and then in August at the Gamescon conference in Cologne, Germany, in addition to visiting a diverse clientele in Varsovia, Poland.
Part of the guild of videogames in Chile (VG Chile), they indirectly export to the United States and are proud to form part of the nucleus of the videogame industry.