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Ceibita Films

An audiovisual proposal based on reflection

Indigenous diversity, syncretism and deep ties to the earth define the cultural silhouette of Latin America.  Ceibita Films, an independent film and television producer founded in 2006, seeks to reflect this with an aim to support, develop and produce audiovisual projects which promote the strengthening of Latin American identity through stories which invite reflection.

The producer has made a number of programmes and capsules for television, short and feature length fiction films and documentaries with coproducers across Guatemala, Chile and Costa Rica which have been screened in cinemas, television, and online platforms all over the world. Alejo Crisóstomo, executive producer at Ceibita Films, clarifies that they currently export to America, Europe and in 2016 took part in the Berlin International Film Festival in representation of Chile.

Today the proposal from Ceibita Films is to export images which show the geographical and cultural diversity in Chile, with products which demonstrate the technical and creative quality of the national audiovisual industry.