Maureen Berho

Breaking barriers!

Youth and leadership do not always go hand in hand, but Maureen Berho is the exception to the rule and embodies perfectly this binomial.  Only 28 years old, the sociologist graduated from Universidad de Chile and is Co-Founder and General Manager of Niebla Games, a renowned Chilean company which develops original board games and videogames.

Making space in challenging places.  This may be the best way to define Maureen Berho, one of few Chilean women to dare to break into the ‘masculinized’ field of videogames and technology.

Only 28 years old, the sociologist graduated from Universidad de Chile and is Co-Founder and General Manager of Niebla Games, one of the most renowned Chilean companies which develops original board games and videogames which stand out for innovation as well as their artistic and technical quality.  What is the key to their success?  The combination of distinct visions and disciplines, which range from social sciences, visual arts and software development.

Maureen Berho has a fundamental role at Niebla Games.  She takes care of the administration, management, funding opportunities, team representation and communication with relevant parties.  All of this is carried out with the aim to ensure the best conditions for the creative process of her team.

Maureen Berho also gets involved in the creative area, assessing what the general characteristics of a product they are creating should be, and how to achieve this creation through teamwork.

“In my opinion, to enter into the videogame industry and take part in the Chilean developers community has been an excellent experience.  Today, only 12% of professionals who work in this industry are women, but fortunately this is a cause for concern and there is a trend towards increased inclusion”, indicates Maureen Berho in the El Mostrador portal, in April this year.

Currently, she lives in Concón and has taken up teaching and social research.  However, her proudest work which best highlights her strengths is through her role as a Board Member for VG Chile, the Asociación Gremial Chilena de Empresas Desarrolladoras de Videojuegos (Chilean Trade-Union Association of Videogame Development Companies).

Thanks to her trajectory in the technological world, she has also become known for her ability to inspire other women in this field, and in 2016 won the InspiraTEC prize.  In addition, she was chosen as one of 100 young leaders in 2016, and stood out as one of the Jóvenes Emprendedoras (young entrepreneurs) in 2017 by the Fundación Mujeres Empresarias (Foundation for Business Women).  Maureen Berho has talent to spare and will continue to provide the industry with much to discuss.